1930 Evinrude boat parts

The 1930s saw Evinrude Outboard Motors introduce lines of boat products first.  This happened despite the Depression era causing economic constraints around the globe.  1930 Evinrude boat parts introduced that time are electric start outboard motors, the first rubber mounting for an outboard, the 40 hp outboard motor, and the first rotary valve in the crankshaft.  In 1931, it toppled competitor Johnson Motor Company as the leading producer of outboard motors.  In 1934, Evinrude introduced the first hooded outboard motor.  This innovation revolutionized the need for a more protected engine. In 1935, Evinrude introduced the reed valve, the weed – less propeller shaft, and the Sportsman – a 1.5 hp single – cylinder engine.  That same year, Johnson Motor Company was acquired by Evinrude.


The following lists the 1930 Evinrude boat parts released.  The listings do not include specific product names but indicates what product was released under the boat part classification.  The boat part classification is based from Evinrude’s current listings online.

1930 - Outboard Motors

1932 – Outboard Motors

1935 - Outboard Motors

1936 – Lower Units

1937 – Outboard Motors

1938 – Outboard Motors and Gas Tanks

1939 – Water Pumps, Propellers, Outboard Motors, and Carburetors


The boat part classifications are defined as follows:

Outboard Motors – these is a system of machines responsible for boat propulsion.  It is a single unit mounted on the outside of the transom.  Outboard motors also serve a steering control function.  The parts of an outboard motor mainly consist of the powerhead, the midsection, and the lower unit.  The powerhead is the engine itself, the midsection contains exhaust housing, and the lower unit is referred to as the gearbox.  The lower unit consists of sub – parts like the anti – ventilation plate, water intake slot, the propeller, and the skeg.   The lower unit is the part submerged under water when the boat is afloat the sea.  When near the shore, the powerhead tiller which attaches the outboard motor to the transom may be tilted to lift the lower unit and prevent damages or seaweed accumulation.  The sub – parts of the lower unit can be sold separately and may contain innovative features.  This explains why the listing below has a separate entry for Evinrude releasing a boat part.

Gas Tanks – these are receptacles of flammable fluids enabling engine functionality.  During the 1930s tanks contain fuel that composes methanol, toluene or benzol, castor oil, and tetraethyl lead.

Water Pumps – these are a set of devices which enable water movement.  Because water pumps are essential in displacement and replacement of water, valves are used to regulate its movement.

Propellers – commonly referred to as screw in naval terminology, are one type of a fan used for air or water.  Underwater, propellers function to enhance speed driving acceleration behind it as it rotates.

Carburetor – is a machine that blends air and fuel for engine combustion.  Carburetors contain circuits which enables proper air and fuel combination so an engine will start regardless of the temperature in the environment.

The 1930 Evinrude boat parts released marked what was yet to be a start in pioneering the water experience.