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Why 6 HP Evinrude Boat Parts Are A Wise Choice


It comes as no surprise that Evinrude has been making a killing when it comes to boat parts. What really made it go beyond normal expectations is its E-Tec outboard technology, which is why you’d do well to use it for your 6 hp Evinrude boat parts. There are many reasons to choose an Evinrude outboard motor, and we’re going to discuss them in full detail.


State-of-the-art Technology

E-Tec technologies have made Evinrude the leading manufacturer when it comes to boat parts. Be it a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke, you can expect that every component in the motor is top of the line and is geared towards excellence.


An E-Tec injector is like a speaker voice coil in a set magnetic field. Since voltage is applied to one direction, the fuel is pressurized. When voltage is applied from the opposite side and the coil is taken out, the injector will be ripe again for further fuel charging. This allows for quicker returns, which results to higher pressure and responsive injection speeds.


Streamlined System

As a system, the E-Tec is a streamlined management system that makes the engine more efficient. On top of that, maintenance procedures aren’t exactly required for the first three years. Using Evinrude XD 100, the engine can last even up to 50 hours, believe it or not.


It is important to note that there are differences between two-stroke and four-stroke outboard motors. The two-stroke motor is more geared towards faster traveling, whilst the four-stroke motor is well suited for leisurely travel and relaxation.


A two-stroke engine is faster to respond when it comes to exhaust tuning, made even easier by a control valve that’s operated by the EMM. This makes for easier adjustment among all levels of speed and acceleration.


If you’re using a four-stroke engine, there’s less noise and it can work well with bigger boats. The idle operation is also very endearing to those who want to treat boat riding as an opportunity for relaxation.



As for repairs and maintenance, the system, most especially when it applies to 6 hp Evinrude parts, is very easy. The throttle connection is simple and easy to figure out.


Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to economizing fuel, you can’t go wrong with a 6 hp Evinrude boat parts. The outboard motor uses a lean-burn system. What this means is that no fuel mix is used in filling the combustion chamber. A combustible solution is instead used to heat up the combustion chamber. This translates to better mileage when it comes to running the engine.


These engines are also made for smooth-running. Injectors are quiet and the engines are made more tight to reduce extraneous noise. This is true even for two-stroke engines, which uses low-end torque to pump the fuel up.



Digital Revolution

As if its features are not enough, you also get digital compatibility with your 6 hp Evinrude boat parts. Using the I-Command system with its plug-and-play functionality, you can easily track your speedometer and tachometer when you ride your boat.